This Is What Charlie Hunnam Really Thinks of Jamie Dornan and ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Charlie Hunnam

The first trailer for the movie Fifty Shades of Grey will be released on Thursday (July 24) and the actor who almost starred in it is really excited about seeing the finished product. Charlie Hunnam says he’s “really, really curious” about the movie, which is scheduled to hit the theatre’s next year on Valentine’s Day. Fifty Shades of Grey is a part of Fifty Shades Trilogy of erotic novels penned by E.L. James that have sold more than 100 million copies since the first novel’s release in March2012.

Chrlie Hunnam the sons of Anarchy

The 34-year-old actor had to drop out of the big screen adaptation one month after he was announced he had land the role of Christian Grey, the young sexy billionaire who secretly practices BDSM and falls for a college graduate Anastasia Steele played by Dakota Johnson. Focus Features and Universal Pictures said that Hunnam exited the movie because he was also shooting “Sons of Anarchy” and upcoming movie “Crimson Park”. He was replaced by the actor Jamie Dornan. In fact, Hunnam said walking away from the part was “pretty heartbreaking.” “I don’t think people have had unchaperoned access to me since all of this went on… he CliffsNotes were exactly what we said. I couldn’t do it because of (the) schedule. It was as simple as that.” The actor even said he would be willing to have his audition tape be included as a DVD extra for curious fans.

jamie Dornan and dakota Johnson

Superstar Beyonce teased fans on Saturday with a 15 second teaser video of the much awaited film Fifty Shades of Grey on her Instagram account. The post has received more the 330,000 likes and more than 59,000 comments. The trailer features Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson and a new version of her hit “Crazy in Love”. Although the singer hasn’t confirmed yet that her music will be used on the film’s soundtrack. Meanwhile, at a Fox event on Sunday as part of the Television Critics Association press tour, Hunnam said, he still believes in the film although he’s no longer a part of it.“I was just really, really invested and wanted to work with director Sam Taylor-Johnson and play that character.”

Jamie Dornan

The 34-year-old actor said JamieDornan is “probably a lot better looking and a lot smoother” than him.“I would’ve brought a certain rugged charm to (the role), but believe me, he’s going to do just fine.”Hunnam also had some kind words for E.L. James the author of the book on which the movie is based. ““I think people really do that book a disservice when they reduce it to that type of talk,” he said. “What (E.L. James) actually created is a really sophisticated dynamic and presented it in a package which was accessible to people who normally would be terrified of that subject. . . . Actually what she did was pretty brilliant.”


 The movie Fifty Shades of Grey is scheduled to open on Valentine’s Day in 2015. We will share the full Fifty Shades of Grey trailer when it’s released this Thursday till then stay tuned with us.

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